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Drinking Games - Spoons

You will need one less spoon than the number of people. Place the spoons in the center of the table, alternating the direction of the handles. They should be placed where each person should be able to reach a spoon close to them. Pick a dealer, who deals 4 cards to each player, all of whom should be in a circle. The dealer then places the deck face down on the table. To start the game the dealer begins taking 1 card at a time off the top of the deck. He/She will look at the card and decide if they need that card or not, and if not, pass it on to the next person. The last person will let the cards pile up next to the dealer. The object is to get four of a kind. When you have four of a kind, you attempt to sneak a spoon off the table. Hopefully everyone is looking and passing cards so fast no one will notice. As other players realize a spoon is missing they to will attempt to grab one. The person left without a spoon is then required to drink some prespecified amount, usually at least 3-4 large gulps. If the dealer reaches the end of the deck before anyone gets four of a kind, the dealer then takes the used pile the person next to him should be passing over to him and begins to one at a time go through them in the same manner. You should always attempt to keep moving as fast as possible. Anyone caught "faking the grab" is penalized by chugging whatever beer they have left. If they only have a swallow or two, usually they are made to chug half of their next one. Once you pass a card you cannot take it back. It is also not against the rules to continue taking the cards being handed to you and looking at them and passing them on. You do not have to lay down your cards when you get four of a kind, only take a spoon. You are required to show everyone your four of a kind before the loser drinks. It's a fast paced game, but the more you get a buzz, the harder it is to concentrate on everything going on around you... ( watching the spoons, looking for your cards, and passing as quick as possible.) You don't want the person next to you to have time to look around and see what's going on either.




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