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Drinking Games - Kings

This game is played with at least 5 people. You start with a big glass or pitcher in the middle of the table, take a deck of cards and spread them around the pitcher; the circulation is clockwise so the first person picks a card and one and one (whatever). Each card has a different purpose:

Ace= busta rhyme...the player that picks ace starts a phrase, and the rest of the players add on to it in order, no one can repeat the same word (ex. player one: i went to the store to buy some bread player two: but i bought a case of beer instead player three: my dog came along his name is ted ect.ect. if a person misses a beat oe repeats or just is to dum enought, then they drink.

Two=the person who picks the card either takes two chugs or gives away two chugs to whoever they want (like if I pick a two I can say you take 1 matt, and you take one steph..or i can say take two chugs steph, or i can be greedy and say i get the two drinks)

Three= same as two but substitute three...

Four= same as three and two

Five= reverse the circulation...if the rotation of pickin cards was clockwise, the go counter clockwise

Six= the person to the left or the card picker, has two drink

Seven= the person to the right of the card picker has to drink

Eight= the person who has picked the card has to drink

Nine= community (every person playin the game has to drink

Ten= THUMBMASTER: the person who picked the 10 is you are playin, at anytime, the thumbmaster can put his thumb on the top of his bottle/glass...everyone who sees it must do it too, the last player to do it drinks

Jack= Category: the player that picks the card makes a category (ex. condoms:) the you go in rotation, every player has to take turns naming the category of whatever it is they pick (player one: TROJAN, player two: lifestyles..ect. ) the first player that cant think of it has to drink

Queen: make a rule: the lucky person who picks these makes a rule that lasts till the end of the game (any rule that will make someone or somepeople look dum like: everytime a 4 is pulled bob has to lap dance joe) or the rule can be like no one can swear at all till the end of the game...anytime a person breaks the rule the have to drink twice

King:when a king is pulled the person has to pour as much or as little of whatever alcohol they into the pitcher int the middle of the table (the more the better) that is for the first 3 kings...whoever pulls the last king has to chug whatever is in the pitcher now the games over, depending on how much alcohol or what different kinds of alcohol is in there the person is wither winning or losing but either way everyone gets hammered.




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