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Drinking Games - Farcle

To play this game you need five dice and a number of people (I would recomend at least 3) and a flat surface and most importantly a lot of beer. Whoever goes first rolls all 5 dice. He keeps any 5's, 1's, or three of a kinds. The values of the dice are as folows: 1's = 1 drink, 5's = half a drink, Three of a kind = the number shown on the 3 dice in drinks with three 1's equalling 10 drinks If no 1's, 5's or three of a kinds are rolled, the player drinks the highest number shown (usually and always 6). The player totals up the number of drinks his dice have equalled and makes a decision to either give that many drinks out amongst the players, or he can take a chance to add more drinks to his total. If the player does opt to raise his drink value, he must roll the remaining dice and hope to get a 1, 5 or three of a kind. If he doesn't he gets a farcle, and has to drink his drink total. If he does increase his total, he can go for it again keeping the 1's, 5's or three of a kind dice. If he uses up all of his dice he can roll all five again, keeping his total number drinks to carry over until he passes the drinks out and the dice, or he gets a farcle(no 1's, 5's or three of a kinds) If a player reaches 10 drinks, he can make a rule (only after he passes out his drinks). The game goes on around the table until everyone quits, passes out, or runs out of beer (having a lot of beer is recommended).



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