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Drinking Games - The Cup Game

You need at least 4 people to play, a cup "not glass" and a deck off cards. Set the cup in the in the middle of the table or floor and spread cards in a circle around it who ever picks the game starts. The rules are that each cards represents something and if you miss you drink. The card rules are as follows:

Ace. pour beer "how ever much you want" in cup last ace drawn drinks what ever is in the cup.

2,3,4 - Take that amount of drinks

5 - Person to right drink

6 - Person to left drink

7 - Everyone puts their hand up the cop, the last to do so has to drink.

8 - Stand up and say "swing," last person to do it has to drink.

9 - "Thumb Master" watch that person before it's their turn again and do what ever they do with their thumb last person drinks.

10 - "Catagories" who ever draws that card picks a topic "clothes, guns, cars any topic" and go around the table until someone can't think of something in that topic that person drinks.

Jack - "Rhymes" who ever picks that card has to say a ryme fast or they drink.

Queen - "Social" the person who draws that card starts drinking and when he quits the person to the left can quit and when he quits the to their left can quit and it goes like that all the way around the table the last person should be hurting

King - "Questions" the person who who draws the card has to ask someone a question groser the better and that person can't laugh if they do they drink, if they don't then they have to ask someone a different question and it keeps going until someone laughs




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