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Drinking Games - Bizz Buzz

Any number can play and the contestants all seem to become equally inibriated.....except of course the novice in the crowd who usually ends up losing just a bit too often and thus a bit too unconscious.

Everyone sits in a circle and the leader has a glass of whatever you are going to use as the penalty....(make sure there is a lot of it handy, the pace gets pretty frantic once you get the hang of it.)

Starting clockwise with whoever starts the players count off numbers around the room. 1,2,3,4,5,6 but "seven" "multiples of seven" or numbers like "seventeen and twenty seven" the player must call out "BUZZ" instead of the number. Also the direction then switches...(the person that called out "6" for example would then call out "8") So, basically, if you say "7" instead of "Buzz" you drink. If you forget that it's your turn you drink. If you call out someone else's number you drink.

He who Screws up drinks, and then starts with number one and points to his left or right to start around the circle again....If some one pauses too long while trying to figure out what number they are supposed to say, it is up to the rest of the players to decide if he forgot.....and thus drinks.

The varsity version was "Bizz-Buzz" 5's being Bizz and 7's being Buzz...

1,2,3,4,Bizz,6,Buzz,8,9,Bizz,11,12,13,Buzz,Bizz,16,Buzz, 18,19,Bizz,Buzz,22,23,24,Bizz,26,Buzz,Buzz,29,Bizz.




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