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Drinking Games - Betty

The game consists of at least three people, an UGLY hat, and one pair of die. At the onset of each game all players must roll the die. If one person rolls a 3 they are automatically "betty." If another person rolls a 3 then they will roll again to see who will become "betty." If no one rolls a three, the person who has the highest roll will become "betty." (For you pinheads the lower your roll, the better off you are. Also if two people roll the same high roll they will roll again.) Once Betty is established, the person to the left of 'betty' will be the first to roll. The rules are as follows:

"BETTY" MUST WEAR THE HAT THE WHOLE TIME THAT THEY ARE "BETTY" (Yes that includes restroom visits)

1. Seven to the left- if you roll a 7 the person to the left of you will drink one drink.

2. Eleven to the right- the person to the right of you will drink one drink.

3. Four and two touch your nose- THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. The last person to touch their nose will drink five (5) drinks.

4. One and two, social- if you roll a 1 and a 2 you will give a toast, any toast but it must not have been given before (it makes you pay attention to the game). One toast that I must pass on is this "To making Love on a rainy Sunday afternoon." I would be so happy to know that this toast makes it somewhere other than our little circle from school.

5. Doubles you give- if you roll doubles you are allowed to give out the total nomber of drinks. if you roll double sixes thats 12 drinks. What makes "Betty" different from "Three Man," is that in 'betty' you usually are ruthless. If you roll double sixes you should give all 12 drinks to the same person, and if you roll double anything on the next roll you should again give all of them to that same person. ( you are, however, alloed to split the drinks up if people are quickly leaving the table at your stroke of good luck with the die on a particular roll.

6. Any three "Betty" drinks- If any player rolls a three, Betty has to drink one drink. If Betty doesn't see the roll and does not drink the player rolling can give Betty another three drinks for not paying attention.

7. If "Betty" rolls a three- When it is time for "Betty " to roll the die the same rules apply as to the rest of the people playing. Yet if "Betty" rolls a three, they can give "Betty" to whomever they wish. (HINT- DON'T GIVE IT TO THE PERSON TO YOUR LEFT. They could roll a three and give it right back to you.)

The first person who rolls any of the afformentioned rules will get to roll the die again until you roll something other than that. The person to the left will roll in the same way. If anyone drops out they must drink five (5) before leaving the table.

The game will continue until there is no one left.




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