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Drinking Games - Asshole

Each player must have their own drink. Whoever suggested the game starts the game. Five or more players works best. Dealer passes out the deck of cards. Players look at their own cards. The player with the 3 of clubs starts the game by placing their card face up in the middle of the table for all to see. The next player must put down a 3 or higher ( Aces are high and Jack, Joker, and 2 are wild cards). The cycle continues and each player must put down a higher card or the same card as the one proceeding. If the player does not have a higher card or same card as the last put down, they say "pass" and must take a drink. The next player continues. You may also put down doubles or triples etc. Say someone puts down a three , the next person may put down two 3's this case the next two people are skipped, have to take a drink, and the next person up plays on. If someone lays down one of the same card as the person proceeding then the next player is skipped. If three of the same card is layed down, three people are skipped etc. The wild cards clear the deck. If you have a wild card, that card clears the deck and you take another turn by putting down your lowest card. The point of the game is to get rid of all of your cards first. By doing this you become President of the game, meaning that for the next game you may tell any other player to take a drink whenever you want him to. Titles are as follows: President, Vice, Treasurer, Secretary, and last person to get rid of cards is Asshole. The asshole must give the President their clear card, or if they don't have one, their highest card, in the next game. The asshole may be told to drink at anytime by any officer of the next game.



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