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Liquor, Drinking, and Beer Patents

Popular and Unique Alcohol Patents

Patents are held on millions of different product inventions. Almost all of these products will be used, if and when they reach development; however, there are some inventions that will likely be used more than others. Those inventions may have a focus on drinking. It is no secret that many individuals enjoy a cold glass of beer, wine, or another type of alcoholic beverage, often after a long, hard day at work. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that numerous patents are held on inventions that are associated with alcohol consumption and liquor.

Although alcohol consumption can occur at just about anytime or anyplace, there are many who choose to socially drink and this is most commonly done at restaurants, bars, or taverns. Each alcohol serving establishment is likely to have their own method of dispensing beer. For instance, some prefer to hand bottles of alcohol right over to their customers, while others prefer the old fashion method. That method is serving beverages on tap. Arthur M Reichenberger, of Arizona , has created numerous inventions, which have been patented, that are designed to make this dispensing as easy and as accurate at it could possibly be. He currently holds patents on a beverage portion control device, as a beverage dispensing system, as well as a liquor dispenser.

Perhaps, one of the most well-known and trusted beer companies is that of Labatt Brewing Company. The Labatt Brewing Company Limited currently holds forty-eight patents, all of which have to do with alcohol. They currently hold patents for new brewing techniques, as well as patents for new, but unique inventions. In fact, a patent is currently held for a combined lawn chair and beer dispenser. There are also a number of other unique inventions, similar to the one mentioned above. These patents include a hockey helmet beer dispenser, as well as a football helmet beer dispenser.

As popular as, the above mentioned Labatt Brewing Company Limited is, there are a number of other well-known beer companies that also hold a number of patents. One of those companies is Heineken Technical Services B.V. As with the Labatt Brewing Company, Heineken Technical Services B.V. holds a number of different patents, all of which are associated with alcohol. These patents include beverage containers with effective dispensers, foam stabilizers for beverages with foam heads, which includes most types of beer. Additional patents are held by Heineken Technical Services B.V.; in fact, they have been issued a total of fifty-six patents, as of date.

In addition to the above mentioned patent types, you will also find a number of patents centered on beer kegs or other beer storage and dispensing systems. Beer keg patents have been awarded to numerous individuals and numerous companies. These patents tend to have a focus, not only on the kegs themselves, but the insulators used, as well as the dollies used to transport the kegs from one location to the next. These types of patented inventions would most commonly be used in supermarkets, as well as other locations that sell beer, in kegs, to the general public.

If you would be interested in learning about other liquor, alcohol, or drinking patents that have been issued over the past several years, you are advised to perform a patent search. In addition to the above mentioned inventions and patents, you are sure to find a large number of new and exciting products that will likely hit the market soon, if they haven't already.


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