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College Party Information

When planning a college party, you probably don't want to go all out and make some fancy expensive mixed drinks. Keep it simple, you need Kegs, several of them. It is also good to have some form of mixed drink for those non beer drinkers, and many females prefer it over beer. What I suggest for this is Jungle Juice, it's simple and easy. To make Jungle Juice you'll need a large container, and to make it you just mix 2 1/2 gallons of fruit punch with a fifth of everclear, add in some chopped fresh fruit and let it sit overnight. Keep it all simple, don't try and go overboard. Another idea is to sell shots, just be sure not to serve people too many, especially after they have had beer. Keep in mind the old saying "Beer before liquor never been sicker." I have seen too many people get extremely sick on Tequila after drinking beer.

Also, make sure to keep somebody around sober to monitor your guests, people tend to drink more than they can handle at this gatherings, and if this is your house you are responsible. This sober person is also good to have so you can get more beer if your run out. Also make sure to keep the people INSIDE, when people begin to gather outside, that is when the police show up and people get in trouble.

Make sure to move anything you don't want broken, beer spilled on, or puked on out of the main area where people will be gathering. When the people at your house trickle down and are only friends of friends of friends and you don't know them, they tend not to care what happens to your stuff, or where they spill their beer. Just be careful of what you leave in the path of drunk people.

Also, keep areas of the house you do not want people wandering into blocked off...maybe move the couch on front of the entrance to a hallway. You do not want drunk people wandering around your house. When you go to bed you may find strange naked people passed out there, not what you want to see when trying to go to bed.



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